Friday, June 19, 2020

View - Rain Gauge: An Angel Message

Holy Spirit can use anything as a teaching device for returning our minds back to God.  Yesterday afternoon on a walk, I saw an  unusual object mounted on the pasture fence.  The word VIEW caught my eye.

The clear cylinder tube was a rain gauge.

 Turns out, it was always there on our side of the fence.  The recent heavy rains had reached a high mark on the gauge. With a future blog in mind, I took a pic.

Before 7 am this morning, I had a nudge. Check out the photo on my camera.  

It wasn't very good.  And, I found it odd to be taking another photo.  Why not wait until the sun was brighter?  Little did I know I was being called on a mission. 

In the early morning light, as I walked out the door, I wondered about the timing, maybe a beautiful bird would appear and I'd be ready. 

But as I focused the camera on the VIEW RAIN GAUGE, I saw the bigger picture. 

Something was alive in that clear plastic tube.  An ant!

I wondered how long the little fellow had been paddling hard to keep his head above water.  Not sure how to free him, an angel thought quickly pointed out the gauge could be unsnapped from its holder. 


The large ant, along with  3 1/2 inches of rain water, were poured out on the ground.  The ant was home free.  I noticed a large wet anthill by the fence.  Kind of amusing, as I imagined his peeps had been praying for a victory. 

Ants represent industriousness.  The message they bring is to pursue your work for the common good.  If your efforts are true, the rewards will follow.  Build from the ground up, no shortcuts. Be patient.

These days most of us can probably identify with that struggling ant, working to keep his head above water, while stuck inside a small container.   A clear view of the outside world, but no way visible way to get out and claim it.   The encouraging angel message this morning, was not to give up. Be patient.  Keep doing your best.  A helping hand will come along...

Love will make a way. 

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Ant ref. Animal_Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)