Saturday, June 6, 2020

Progress, A Gift of Experience: An Angel Message

A few rainy days ago, the soggy sandhill family strolled down the drive bringing a gift.  Junior took a tall drink of water from our birdbath.  Then something wonderful happened.  Watching the foursome parade along the wet pavement, big wings flapped up and down, as they bounced above the ground getting a feel of flight.   

Soon the tall chicks would fledge.  Ever since this exotic red-headed couple arrived in March, along with their two fuzzy baby chicks, my wish has been to watch them grow up, and take flight together as a happy family.   

This morning, opening my eyes after meditation, Mozart was still ringing in my ears as I happened to catch a glorious sight of choreography.  Four pair of light, expansive wings, like angels,--the sandhill family flew in tandem,  lifting up beyond the wet fields.  With ease, their powerful wings soared above the limitation of the pasture fence.

 I can't explain my sudden rush of grateful tears that met their victory.  The gift of experience through patience, love and guardianship had brought progress.   No thunderstorms, tornadoes, fences,  or predators had stopped their daily growth.  The sandhills had taught a lesson on patiently doing our best, day by day.   

The gift of watching the sandhill family evolve is bittersweet...

I wonder, will they still frequent our driveway now there is no need to come and go through the large hole in the pasture fence?

With grace, the cranes can now heed the call to the quest, and in a moment's notice fly free together with only the sky as the limit. But, it is good to remember, that in the meantime, God always make a way for us to navigate until we earn our wings.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen