Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Make Life More Joy: Angel Message


This morning at the lake I found a canister of fishing line strewn across the grassy shore.  A  known hazard to tangle happy webbed feet. I quickly reeled it in.   On the bold label the word FIERCENESS, All-weather, seemed an angel warning.  FIERCENESS is a strong and powerful word, reminding me of ferocious lions.     

When the picture was uploaded, I could read the small label in the pink side of the fishing line reel.  Make Life More Joy   


Make Life More Joy...  A wonderful message for these times we live in.  Our thoughts are mental images so angel guidance seemed to advice watch what your fishing for in life...  What you cast out will come back to you.   

In the afternoon, another angel message appeared downtown by the library.  Next door to the parking lot, a heavy duty construction site was underway.  A new apartment complex was rising upward.  The bold white letters, HIGH REACH, on a sky-blue construction crane made me laugh. The angels were at it again.  The crane is a powerful vehicle that lifts workers up to those hard to reach places to get the job done.   Places on high, not as yet accessible by stairs or elevators. 

I was thankful for the reminder. Angels are heavenly helpers that elevate our awareness to the spiritual realm of Life, to reach high, and remember that God is infinite Love.  Keep thoughts on high and expect the best.

Later when reflecting on the word FIERCE, Archangel Michael came to mind.  A fierce and mighty warrior whose light triumphs over the battle of darkness and negativity. Archangel Michael will help every seeker, on the path by cutting away obstacles that block their earthly mission.  If we become stuck Archangel Michael can lift our spirit higher, and help us find the light within ourselves,  if we reach out and make the call.  

Make Life More Joy by reaching higher today.

Love, joy, and peace,

Rae Karen