Monday, February 19, 2024

Expansiveness: An Angel Message from Nature

Sometimes the angels keep bringing opportunities to learn through nature.  Today I needed to pay attention to their lesson on expansiveness. To look for opportunities to expand my awareness and increase my understanding of the Divine in my life.    We are all more than we can presently know. 

A spontaneous visit to the local rehab where wild peacocks roam free proved to illustrate expansiveness. The self-conscious peacocks had come out of hiding. Molting season was over.  Proudly attired in a brand new train of iridescent plumage, rich in colors of bright purple and emerald teal, like never before.  One crowned royal beauty basked in the warm sun drying out from the weekend rain.  Then, in a joyful burst of expansiveness, out popped his magnificent feathers in an explosion of hundreds of bright eyes that shimmered in a happy dance of joy.   

But more was to come.  Late in the afternoon, the angels were at it again, when I was called outdoors to look at the unusual February moon.  Another beauty, glowed in a blue sky above the golden trees. Curious, I looked up the phase of the moon and learned something new.  When the moon is "bulging" outward but not quite full, it's called a waxing Gibbous Moon.  Each day the moon's light expands.  Here Bella Luna has 78% illumination but will grow brighter day by day until she is full of radiant light.  
I'm thankful for the teaching on expansiveness.  A note of reassurance and encouragement for our times.  When we pass through the dark night of the soul to remember the peacock and the moon. Don't lose faith.  Walk by faith and not by sight. Keep your peace that this too is a passing phase in our spiritual growth.  What we see is not the whole truth about our true identity.  The best is yet to be.  We, too, will shine again with the light of Christ.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen