Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Waiting While Stuck: An Angel Message

Something amusing happened that brought a lesson on acceptance from our cat.  Elliot and I returned home from a morning spent running errands. We felt bad to find that Hei-Hei  had accidentally been shut up inside Elliot's office while we were out and about.   The office door is always closed to mischievous paws. Temptation to explore what is off-limits makes the playful kitten look for any opportunity to sneak by and slip inside in a flash, and the chase begins.    

On this occasion to find he had been trapped inside was puzzling.  Because the gray tabby sat on a reading chair, looking peaceful, and content.  Instead of shambles, the office was orderly, with no sign of chaos.   Nothing toppled off the desk, no papers strewn across the floor, or pictures knocked over.  

 What was up? His behavior was unusual.

A hidden clue surfaced a short time later revealing a bigger picture.  Elliot's furry little Valentine monkey had been moved. No longer on top of the drum where it belonged.  He found the big hearted chimp tucked behind his office door.  


No doubt, fun-loving monkey business was at work during Hei-Hei's voluntary confinement.


You have to hand it to Hei-Hei, he marches to the beat of his own drum, making the best of a bad situation.   A lesson for me to look for ways to lighten up, find the fun little things around me in a moment of feeling a bit stuck. Choose love over fear.

Have a joyful day,

Love and peace,

Rae Karen