Thursday, February 15, 2024

Opening to Divine Impulses: An Angel Message

Sometimes if we willingly turn toward a new direction, even in the most mundane circumstances, an old routine will be interrupted, and we will awaken to new things on our path. Happy things we may otherwise have missed.    The key is to listen for divine impulses and take action.

The weekly trip to our local farmers' market proved this to be true when Elliot and I made a choice to walk the busy vendors' loop in a new direction.  Veering right, rather than the usual left brought a reward.  In the shade of an old oak tree, a rare domestic breed of baby rabbits were on sale for Valentines' pets for $50.  A huddle of black furry bunnies, no bigger than my fist, peering wide-eyed in a large cage on a table drew me near.  

"Would I like to hold a bunny?" The vendor asked, offering me a cute little furry ball in his arms.

 "I've never held a bunny before," I said, "and, we have a cat at home."   It didn't seem fair to hold the little fellow and have to return it.     

Still, he held out hope-- so small and innocent, my first thought as I looked into the shiny eyes of the timid little creature, was about its needs.  How would it feel being passed to the arms of a stranger? 

But, a sudden impulse had me reach out to share love.  To my surprise, the bunny hunkered down close to my heart. Gently, I stroked its coat of jet black fur while softly speaking words of love.  The breeder got out his phone and showed the pictures of this rare breed of Silver Fox Rabbits.  Unlike other rabbits, their fur can change color according to the seasons like the Silver Arctic Fox does to camouflage itself in the snow. 

My attention was focused on loving this precious little creature in my arms for as long as I could.  Not only did my leather jacket heat up, but I could feel my heart soften, thawing out from the deep.  When it came time to reluctantly let go, my wish was for each Valentine bunny to find a happy home.  

It may sound rather silly, but I walked on feeling lighter, thankful for the priceless gift of love. And, for a heart healing I wasn't even aware I needed.      

In Animal Messengers, Regula Meyer writes:

If a rabbit hops into your life, it brings a message of fertility, and expansion.  "It tells you to expand your human essence, to remain fertile, to open yourself to divine impulses and to let them multiply." 

Every spring around Easter, rabbits are abundant.  An announcement for us, too, to awaken from winter sleep and begin to take part in life again.   To let the light in and spread joy and happiness.

I was thankful for the angel message through the bunnies: "to open yourself to divine impulses and to let them multiply."  

It makes a world of difference when we are open to sharing the light of divine love.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Remember you are never alone.  God has sent His angels to watch over you in all your ways.

 Love and peace,

 Rae Karen

photo: web