Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Shooting Stars in the Works: An Angel Message

The angels were at work again in nature.  Timing is a funny thing, and I was about to learn yet another lesson on patience. 

 A few weeks ago, while doing a spurt of gardening, I was tempted to cut back the tall Hawaiian Ti plant.  The colorful centerpiece in a flowerbed outside the living room window had lost its appeal.  Cold winter temperatures browned the colorful pink and purple leaves. I was ready for a change.  But... something held me back from clipping it to the ground.   Instead I picked off the dead leaves, and let the skimpy-looking plant be.

After heavy rains all last weekend, the sun finally came out on Tuesday afternoon.  

Coming up the front walk, I was in for a surprise.  The Ti plant stood tall in the sunlight, proudly showing off.  She  had bloomed in a sweet cluster of tiny six-petaled star-shaped florets!  "See I did it!" She seemed to say.  And, none of the Ti plants I've owned in the past have ever bloomed.  I didn't even know they could.  And, here she was, in her glory.  Tall pink shoots opening up little stars to reach up high for the sky.   


What a joyful boost! And, a reminder, eyes judge not.  My perception isn't always accurate.  A hidden mystery is at work below the surface,  helping each of us reach our inner potential, and to assure a happy outcome for all.  

It was also a heads-up on how I can be tempted to quit on something, not realizing the best to be is right around the corner so do my best day-by-day and press on, expecting good things. 

By the way, a quick look on-line referred to the Ti plant as a Good Luck plant. But we know that more than luck is involved in this wonderful mystery called Life.  God is in the details.

Love and peace,

 Rae Karen