Tuesday, February 27, 2024

NEXT LEVEL: An Angel Message

 On Sunday afternoon, a large, bold sign on the feed store window caught my eye.  NEXT LEVEL.  

I was waiting in the car while Elliot ran inside to buy 50-lbs. of cracked corn.  I had a false claim I kept to myself.  Energy coursed through me, hyping me up like the rushing of spring. I tried to stay calm and find peace.  The NEXT LEVEL sign seemed like an angel prescription.   To rise above the temptation to believe that I was less than how God made me.  We are all coming up to the next level of consciousness.   

The timing was perfect as patience was needed for me to hold on to the truth of who God says I am, and dispel the illusion that I could be less than Spirit. Elliot had a long wait before he returned with help to carryout the heavy feedbag.      

Rather than hurry home, we spent time in nature.  

The feed store sign, NEXT LEVEL, soon played out again at a nearby parkA lone ibis was a perfect illustration.  The tall bird stood high up on an old oak tree, above the rest of the flock near the lake. I was taking his picture when he struck a pose.  He lifted one pink leg while keeping his balance on high with only a leg to stand on. What was the message?   To give someone in need a leg up?  Or, to take action, while you still have a leg to stand on? 


NEXT LEVEL popped up again on an impromptu visit to see the peacocks at the rehabilitation center. Turning into the parking lot, four peacocks were easily spotted, resting up high on the branches of a large old tree. Long iridescent feathery trains draped the oak like Spanish moss swaying in a soft breeze. 

These royal birds with their golden feathery eyes are all about watchfulness.  

Taking it up to the next level, going higher, to get a more expansive view of life. Watch what you're declaring about yourself and others.

Zooming in, this standing peacock in a tree, began to shake and unfurl his feathers but then stopped.  I got his advice though on not letting our feathers get ruffled. Take it to the NEXT LEVEL, above the tide of human drama and emotions. 

God is always speaking to us.  While taking pics of the beautiful peacocks, a bus pulled out from the entrance into the building.  I got out of the way, and couldn't believe the timely marquis, JESUS SAVES.  I gave the smiling driver a thumbs-up, as he rolled by.

Jesus Saves.


By the time we returned home, I was on the mend, thankful for the healing. What messages are the angels sending you today? They wisely guide us to take life up to the next level...to come up higher where love and peace reign. Jesus Saves.

 Have a joyful day. God loves you.  The best is yet to be.

Love, peace, and joy

Rae Karen