Sunday, February 25, 2024

Seas the Day: An Angel Message

Angels can deliver any time, in any place, and with a good sense of humor. They love to catch us off-guard, tickling our funny bone to shake us awake. 

It happened on Saturday at the local farmers' market.  Our first morning back from a short trip to the beach, the sea was still rushing through my veins. Out of My Shell, and the angels' message on expansiveness was fresh in my mind.

I'd almost waited in the car while Elliot went to buy tomatoes from Louis.  The sun was bright.  The tree-lined park packed with vendors.  I wasn't interested in buying more stuff.  It's still fun to walk around.  See all the nostalgic items, unusual things that are hard to find anymore. Items that bring to mind the good ole days. 

Passing by a table nestled in the shade of an old cypress tree, I saw something amazing.  A mega GIANT seashell. LOL!  It stuck out on a vendor's table like a flag on a mailbox.  No doubt an angel special delivery. A zsst ran through me.  The seller, a gentleman about my age, reeled me in, hoping for a sale. Wide-eyed, I eagerly stared at the enormous whelk shell.  "This isn't real," I said, assuming it was white porcelain.      

The seller's eyes twinkled as he assured me not only was it real, but it was the biggest shell I'd ever see!

A doubting Thomas, I picked up the gigantic unwieldy Whelk to peek inside and see for myself.   It was the real deal. Someone had painted the exterior white many years ago. What a find!  The creme de la creme of gifts from the sea.  The Grand Mother of shells.  

Holding it close, I marveled at the creative work of the sea snail creature that once called this work of art home. A grand architect.   If you counted each spiral like you would the rings on a tree, the industrious sea creature must have lived a long, full life, always expanding and growing in the vast ocean.    

WOW I loved it, and the deal was sealed with a pair of glittery angel wing shells, and a Moravian star ornament for a grand sum of $17. 


Later on-line, I learned it was a TRUMPET Whelk. They can grow up to two-feet and live for 20 years. 

I was thankful to have this work of art fashioned by nature.  

Sometimes we may feel like we're going round and round, circling the same old surface, not making any progress.   The lesson of the Trumpet Whelk is worth remembering.  The trumpet sounds. Wake up! We're more than we know, we're coming up higher, expanding our consciousness, with each complete rotation, even though we may not recognize it at the time.

Now every time I look over at the GIANT TRUMPET WHELK on top of the bookcase next to the boombox, I laugh in amazement! What a find!  Far from the sea from whence it came.  A reminder to keep thinking BIG, and expecting grand things.  The best is yet to be.   

I love sharing these angel experiences with you.  What blesses one, blesses each of us.  My hope is that you, too, will begin to see an expansive view of the world around you.  You will begin to realize that angels are real and are here to help us grow in spirit, to remember our true identity.  

Love and peace,

Rae Karen