Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Christ Vision: An Angel Message


What do you see?  Many years ago an office mate at the Department of Defense gifted me with this special door sign that she had lovingly embroidered.  At first glance it was an enigma.  I couldn't figure out the message, but Justine assured me to keep on looking. It would come to me. I would catch sight of it. And I did!  For many years, it hung on my closet door, mostly forgotten. Every now and then, it would come to my attention. I noticed a funny thing.  When I looked at it a certain way, the word JESUS was as clear as it could be. Then on other days, as hard as I tried, I could only see those undecipherable red markings. What was going on?

And so I learned about our five senses, they are deceivers. Sometimes things appear with crystal clarity like the name of JESUS shown here, while at other times there is distortion in the field and although His Name is unchanged, we can't see it for the life of us.

The good news is the Christ is always there, whether we can see Him or not.

The sight of Christ is all there is to see.
The song of Christ is all there is to hear.
The hand of Christ is all there is to hold.
There is no journey but to walk with Him.

                   -- A Course in Miracles

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen