Tuesday, July 4, 2023

A Lesson on Resilence: An Angel Message

Many years ago, the angels delivered an unforgettable demonstration on the power of resilience and a lesson on never giving up. On a windy morning, my husband, Elliot, and I were driving along Bird Neck Road in Virginia Beach where we lived at the time.   

A Liberty Tax ad man stood on the corner of the intersection dressed in patriotic attire.  A sudden gust of wind whipped off his giant RED, WHITE, and BLUE TOP HAT. Bare-headed, and in distress, his striped trousers looked like a pair of Old Glory flags flapping in the wind.

Elliot and I agreed it wasn't a good omen for Uncle Sam to lose his Top Hat, a symbol of authority.    So like two super heroes, we playfully set out to restore justice.  To our surprise, the oversized hat rolled along the curb like an animated red, white and blue tire keeping pace with the morning traffic. Uncle Sam's Hat seemed to have a life force of its own, we laughed enjoying the chase.   

Then up ahead, the Top Hat suddenly rolled to a stop. 

Here was my chance!  I jumped out of the car, and ran toward it.  Reaching out to grab the wide blue brim, a gust of playful wind whisked it along its merry way again, with me lagging behind as wide-eyed commuters watched. 
A tease, the Top Hat stopped several times, to test my humility and patience.
But, each time I felt victory at hand, away it spun in the wind and me like a fool in pursuit of an illusive butterfly. Embarrassed and winded, I gave up, and returned to the car stopped at the light. 

The game was over.  But, then, to our surprise, Uncle Sam's Top Hat changed direction, no longer hugging the curb, it spun out in the middle of traffic!  Cringing, we watched it skillfully dodge several oncoming tires, but soon the big vibrant Top Hat lay flattened in the road like a patriotic pancake.  

Saddened the mission was foiled, but the play was still on. 
A sudden gust of wind popped that big lifeless patriotic Hat into shape.  Like a miracle, Uncle Sam was on a roll toward victory.    

Laughing, we were committed to the quest. Another break happened. It safely rolled into a parking lot across the road. 
Elliot sped into the lot and pulled up beside the oversized Top Hat.  It had stopped right side up. A hopeful sign.   Quickly, he opened the driver's door, and grabbed the prize. Mission accomplished. 

Before long, a smiling and grateful Uncle Sam had been reunited with his Top Hat, thanks to the angels who helped us keep on keeping on. What seemed like a totally lost cause, ended up as only a temporary break in the action.     
Sometimes we may be close to reaching a goal when suddenly it's whisked away, leaving us flattened and lifeless. But the Holy Spirit (often described as the Wind or Breath of God) will suddenly breathe new life into us, and we, too, can pop back into shape, and roll on to victory.  

The angels remind us: Don't ever give up!  The best is yet to be.  Thank God that George Washington and all those brave souls who fought hard for our liberty and freedom never gave up. 

Happy July 4th!  God Bless America.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

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Unknown said...

What a fun story ... and wonderful reminder ... a great way to start my day :)