Monday, July 1, 2024

An Armadillo in the Sunlight: Angel Message

On a morning walk today, what to my wandering eyes should appear... an armadillo rooting around in the pasture. His full armor glistening in the sunlight. Over a year since last seen, as always the timing was perfect. Angel messages in nature pop up on time in a deliberate guise to catch our attention and make us take stock of our life.

The armadillo is about personal protection, discrimination and empathy.  The Spanish word for this unusual creature means little armored one. When threatened it rolls up into a hard little ball, protecting its vulnerable underbelly. 

When an armadillo appears you may need to set up healthy boundaries for yourself and others.  You don't have to isolate and curl up in a protective shell, but learn to speak what's true for you. 

 Ask yourself, when is it beneficial to be unyielding? 

When would being more flexible best serve you and others? 

Listen, then follow your inner truth.  It's wonderful to have empathy, but a balance is needed when helping others.  

The armadillo signals an opportunity for a new birth is coming within the next 8 or 9 months.  Do not  roll up in a ball and hide for fear of being vulnerable.  By listening within, we can adjust our rhythms so that what we wish to create will occur at the safest time. 

It's sharp claws are excellent for digging, reflecting an ability to dig through the surface to get to the bottom of things.   "Sensitivity and susceptibility to outside influences are increasing, so use discrimination and protect yourself."  (Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)

The armadillo's message brings to mind the protection offered by daily reading or reciting Psalm 91.

We can also pray to put on the Armour of Light:

"In the Name, through the Power and by the Word of Christ Jesus, I put on the
whole Armour of Light.  On my head is the helmet of Salvation.  I wear the
breastplate of Righteousness.  My loins are girded with the Truth.  My feet
are shod with Peace and enveloped in the flame of the Spirit of the Almighty
God.  In my left hand I hold the shield of Faith.  In my right hand is the word
of Spirit.
   "This is the word of God and the Word of God is unassailable.  Only Good
shall come to me.  Thus clad, I stand joyfully expectant, ready to do the will
of the Father.  Amen."  (adapted from Ephesians 6:11-18, Christ Ministry
 Remember you are never alone.  God has given his angels to watch over you.  The best is yet to be.
 Love and peace,
Rae Karen
(armadillo photo: Web) 
(ref: Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews)
(The Christ Highway, Genevah D. Seivertson)