Friday, July 5, 2024

Lasting Images: An Angel Message

Maybe you have a certain picture, or keepsake that keeps coming back to life for you catching you off-guard.  A lasting impression that makes you stop and think beyond what you think you know now. A humpback whale photo, entitled, "Back-flip" did the trick for me. Many years ago, life was in a state of flux when I found it at a thrift shop at Virginia beach. One-of-a-kind, it delivered an angel message about divine timing.  The photographer happened to be at the right place at just the right time to capture this amazing photo.

I knew it was meant for me.  An angel inspiration of a sudden, surprising expansion on the horizon. But like Back-flip, I would need to be willing and give it all I had to rise up beyond the old and embrace a new vision. 

Studying the photo, I tried to imagine the dynamic thrust needed to launch oneself out of the deep with such heavy, heavy, tonnage.  What did this new view feel like?  It seemed as though the upside-down humpback, barnacles and all was smiling with satisfaction--enjoying the new view.  And, I could relate.  hadn't I been feeling upside-down and inside-out, ready for something expansive.  A new vision to bless our life.

Back-flip hung on the wall in the hall-- as a reminder, get ready to make a major move.  Early the next year, it happened quite out-of-the-blue. Elliot and I found ourselves permanently moving out of state, heading down south to the Land of Flowers. Synchronicity was at play.  Dolphin Movers ended up handling our move.  

In reading up on whale symbolism, I learned that whales occasionally breach, coming completely out of the water, and when they do, ask yourself:  How am I using my creative ability? Am I keeping everything inside, afraid to let it out?  If so, the angels send a message.  It's time to breach and share the  magnificence and power of your own creativity. Do not hold back, reach for new depths of creativity with practical expression.

Humpback whales are powerful singers.  They remind us that we must adapt our song, our words, to the time and place.  They should never be rote. Now is the time to trust our perceptions for we are seeing more clearly.

May your angels help you to make a joyful leap into an expanded awareness of your magnificence.  A new vision to bless your life.  Trust that the best is yet to be. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen



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