Sunday, December 18, 2022

This Too Shall Pass: An Angel Message


At the edge of the slippery falls, this little mallard seems bent on prayer.  A torrent of rushing water surges through his wet rubbery feet.  But he stands firmly grounded.  An angel thought came to me when I saw this amusing photo. "This too shall pass."

Change is the only constant. 
Everything in life is both coming and going like the tides at the sea, rushing  through time.   
"This too shall pass," is a wonderful reminder not to get swept away in the rapids of human drama.
Our feet represent dominion, so we can stay centered within, and fully rely on God.  Be like the duck, and don't go over the falls, but let your rising emotions roll off your back like water off a duck's back.  And, like this steadfast little mallard, you can choose to stand still and come up higher in prayer. 
As you go about your day, remember you are never alone.  Your Guardian Angel is with you always, ready to love, comfort, and guide your steps.  The best is yet to be. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

 Photo from web