Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Starfish - Follow Your Own Star

Years ago, daily sunrise walks along the beach never delivered a real starfish, thank goodness. Starfish are like stars of the sea, bringing a message of hope. Regeneration. A starfish can regrow a limb if bitten off.    Starfish are named for their five "star-shaped" arms.  These wonders of the sea have no right or left, only top and bottom.  Their mouth is on the underside along with small suction cups. 

The past few months, starfish lamps have crossed my path at flea markets or thrift shops.  I love how the angels guide our attention to something meaningful that can be translated into a message of hope.  A spiritual symbol.   Starfish always make me lighten up with a message of regeneration.   

  This decorative lamp was a $2 bargain at the local weekly market in town.  Now, it lights up my desk with faith.  Regeneration.  A reminder that even "if we fail in our own unique endeavors, we will regain anything that is lost, and still be able to continue if we keep our faith intact."

Without eyes or ears, the starfish depends on its sense of touch and smell.  So must we be willing to follow our own star-- our own scent as to what is best for us.  Others may not approve of your unusual way.  "Individuals for whom starfish appear are often very sensitive to the true emotions of others surrounding them no matter how they are shielded and disguised by the individuals."   

Last weekend, my friend shared a photo she took at the beach.  A tiny bright star high, high appeared above the clouds at sunrise.  A tiny speck of light.  Having just moved back to the state, and, in transition as to what to do next? Her hopes soared when she spotted it alone in the sky.  It was as if God had sent a star to guide her way.

The angels encourage each of us to trust our own inner instincts, and not just follow the crowd.  Follow your own inner star, and leave a path of light for others to follow. Your ability to discern new opportunities will be increasing.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen 

(Ref: Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews)