Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Feast of Mary Magdalene Day!

Mary Magdalene by Richard Stodart

Today I'd like to honor Mary Magdalene on her special Feast Day by sharing how her loving influence led me on a spiritual quest in 1995 to the little town of Rennes le Chateau in the south of France.

Having finally arrived at my destination, I sat on the grassy hilltop that spring afternoon and gazed down at the parceled farm land blanketed like a patchwork quilt.  In the distance, the snow capped Pyrenees cast a lazy bluish haze in the sky. In that moment of peaceful bliss, a gentle breeze tussled my hair. With the sun warm on my face,  I felt freedom like never before.  A trail of irises had delivered me to this special place. The Holy Spirit's guidance had unfolded my steps like the petals on a beautiful flower. 

You see, for many years I'd spent my working hours tucked away from the sun in an old converted warehouse building that had no windows.  Now in great freedom, my eyes misted with joyful tears.  

Time stood still as I sat still, breathing in the beauty and peace of this place devoted to Mary Magdalene and Christ.  Then I felt an unmistakable stirring in my heart. A joyful rush of energy burst forth from my chest like a captive bird breaking free from its shell.   It seemed so real that I could almost hear the wings of my soul flapping as it soared toward the mountains.  I watched hoping to see, but nothing was visible to the naked eye.  Only the sun, the wind, the mountains and a peacefulness about me. 

To my surprise, a rooster the afternoon!  I laughed. Maybe he’s a late bloomer, like me. 

The Tower of the Magdala reminds us that Mary Magdalene came from a place of Higher Consciousness.  Jesus healed her by casting out seven demons.  We’re all like Mary Magdalene in the sense, we have to be purified.   Our personal demons are ego thoughts of fear, pride, guilt, greed, anger, hatred, separation, and sin.  The Holy Spirit teaches we are entitled to miracles, but first we need purification.  That is, cleaning up any thoughts that are not God's Thought.  This can be done with the love of the Christ within and the Holy Spirit,  if we’re willing. 

Women have shared that Mary Magdalene's energy often comes when they are struggling to find their true  voice, the feminine voice that urges to be true to their Higher Self.  Mary Magdalene's energy urges us to give up everything (all false idols) and follow the indwelling Christ.  She was there at the cross.   She was the first witness to Life’s victory over death.  Her Rabboni commissioned her to go tell the other disciples the good news.  As a woman, would they believe her?

Many years ago when I first heard the whisper, Mary Magdalene, in meditation, I didn't know much about her. That quest began a long journey for me.   I now know her gift was to help me find the lost part of myself…the sacred Voice of the feminine.  As that Voice within speaks, we must not be afraid anymore to follow the indwelling Christ.  The feminine can stand on her own two feet as an equal.  This is a powerful time for male and female relationships.  Also, to restore balance, it is important for men to recognize their female polarity, to loosen her, and allow the beloved feminine of God to speak.  

In remembrance and gratitude to Mary Magdalene as we celebrate her Feast and soar free to be.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen