Saturday, April 27, 2024

Rapping, Tapping at the Door: An Angel Message

 Angel messages come in all guises, and some ways are more creative and memorable than others.  But they all convey God is Love, and God is in the details. Recently a lonely Sandhill crane has been showing up regularly.   We named him Izzy.  The new family of three sandhills don't welcome his company. Sandhills are very territorial. Trumpeting loudly, the parents chase the lonesome rust-colored sandhill off the property. 

Izzy is resilient, and keeps coming back when the coast is clear. He seems to show up just when I'm thinking about him.   Often he strolls the perimeter of the house, head hunched down,  deep in thought like a wise old sage he slowly passes by the porch as we sit at dinner, not interested in a hand-out.  There's something endearing about this special crane.  His unique human-like personality stands out from all the other cranes we've known in the last four years.

Izzy marches to the beat of a different drum, that was evident when I heard a steady rapping, tapping on the sun-room window. LOL! What a sight.  Izzy was standing in the mulch bed, looking in the window, hungry for attention, his six-inch sharp beak pecking on the glass.   His red heart-shaped cap signaled a call for love.

I went outdoors to answer the call. Hopefully, he will soon find a mate and live happily ever after.

His visit was so deliberate, I looked up the symbolism again.

Sandhill cranes are often considered noble guardians.  If they appear in our life there is usually something that we should watch out for and take care of more carefully.  There is usually some hidden protection around us.  Or it can be a sign that we may need to be the hidden protector of someone else.  Sometimes it is a warning to watch our possessions and ourselves more closely.


We are so blessed to have our guardian angels watching over us.  They may not be seen but they never go unnoticed. 

Have a joyful day.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Ref: Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews