Friday, January 26, 2018

Groceries and The Sheriff of Nottingham: An Angel Message

Postcard from Germany that arrived yesterday.

I'm beginning to see more as I listen to angel guidance (pure thoughts of inspiration). Yesterday, somewhat dreading a trip to the grocery store, an angel thought shifted my perspective. You are going there to help, to share love, not just buy food. I was going there to give, not just take.  With that uplifting idea, Elliot and I entered the store, welcoming the angels of Publix.

Hungry for cornbread, I made my way to the deli where soups and breads are found.  An elderly woman on a scooter was in front of me.  I noticed her right away.  An angel thought whispered that she needed help. She asked the clerk for directions and scooted away.  An overwhelming urge made me want to take off and follow her, but I held back. I can be overbearing at times, I told myself.  We proceeded with shopping and soon had marked the items off our list.  

Wheeling the cart to the check-out, a thought came out of the blue. I was suddenly hungry for an item in the frozen foods.    

Making a bee-line for that aisle, what a surprise to find my scooter friend parked, looking through the glass refrigeration unit at the frozen pizzas.  

"Can you help me?  I want a super deluxe," she smiled. 

 I could have kicked myself for not listening when I first got the signal.  "Thank you." She smiled as I handed her the box. "You know, I had my birthday a few days ago." Sparkling eyes asked,  "How old do you think I am?"  

Not good with ages, I let Elliot answer.

He leaned forward.  "84".  

She beamed, "I'm 91!" 

"91!"  We both agreed she was beautiful.

I noticed her large silver elephant pendant on a long chain.  "It's not because I'm a Republican," she laughed.  "It's to cover up the spots on my top." 

 I could tell she was hungry for conversation as she talked about her travel days. A special memory of the time she met the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Time seemed to stand still as she relived that scene among the frozen foods.  It happened long ago when she took 100 students to England for a month. The Sheriff of Nottingham was tall, single, and very handsome.  He had invited her on a private tour.  She called her husband back in the states.  "I just want you to know that I've been invited on a private tour with the Sheriff of Nottingham. He's tall, single, and handsome.  It will just be the two of us.  Can I go?"  

"By all means, he said,  "if my wife is interested in another man, I want to be the first to know!"  She laughed, saying what a gift her husband had been.   He had passed on 25 years ago.

 She was so full of life, wanting to write editorials again.  Blocking the freezer lane, it was time to move on.   Before parting, we learned she lives in our neighborhood. 

We introduced ourselves.  "I'm Hazel, like the nut!"  She laughed, so we wouldn't forget her. "Please come see me."

So an ordinary visit to the store, turned out to be a memorable adventure.  The Sheriff of Nottingham carried me back to the legend of Robin Hood.  It was his job to capture outlaws such as Robin Hood, and to protect the trade routes through Sherwood Forest. I was so thankful for the angel demonstration. A reminder not to hesitate when guidance comes. Wherever you go, the scene is already set, just waiting for you to step out on stage. Don't let your ego rob you of the bread of life, the adventure gained when you answer the call to love.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen