Monday, January 8, 2018

Is that You? Language of Synchronicity: An Angel Message

Postcard from Convention
I'm continually amazed by the many ways angels weave our circumstances together to create delight.  As most of you know I joined an international  post-crossing project, with a half million others, last November.  An old-fashioned postcard exchange sent to random strangers around the world.  ( At first, I opted to only send and receive foreign cards, but in December, I changed my profile to include  U.S.

Soon the computer randomly generated an assignment for me to send a postcard to someone in my state.  A bit of a disappointment as she was not far, just up on the Florida panhandle. But the angels were cooking up something. My new Floridian correspondent received my wintry postcard and excitedly wrote back that she was soon coming to my town for a post card convention! If not for her, I would have missed the show as it wasn't well advertised.

So last Friday most of the day was spent sifting through long cardboard boxes of postcards sorted by categories. Postcard heaven had come to our back door! The warm warehouse at the county fair grounds was packed with vendors who unpacked boxes and boxes of vintage as well as contemporary cards. 

Another "angel" thing happened that day; my new friend had given me a description, in case we should bump into each other.  That afternoon, while rifling through a card box at a table, I happened to notice the woman who sat beside me, doing the same.  An angel whisper brought my attention to detail.  She was wearing purple, slender, tall, in her fifties.  Bing.  I asked if she was Laura. It was one of those divine appointments that you can't make happen without great planning.  With her help, I found the right vendors as well as advice on buying postage stamps.  I love it!

Imagine the odds, half a million people sending posts cards around the world, a large facility at the County Fairgrounds teeming with postcard aficionados, and we meet up at the perfect time and place. What a wonderful illustration of angel guidance and help, when asked to be of service. The evening before the event, I invited the angels to be there at the fair grounds.  I asked that each person receive what they needed, and thanked the angels for a happy, successful post card fair.  And it was.

Moon Stamp Postcard
Several of my favorite subjects were available on postcards, angels and outer space.

Mickey and Goofy with Space Mountain Behind Them
Enjoy your day with the Angels. Postcards are a wonderful way to put a smile in some one's mailbox, as well as your own.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen