Monday, January 29, 2018

Synchronicity and the 4th Dimension

The fourth dimension is about transcending the limiting perceptions of the five senses that determine our so-called reality.  Making the transition from 3-D to 4-D, can be compared to trying to photograph a busy downtown intersection. A 3-D camera can only capture one or two cars as they drive by.  But an upgrade to a video camera will cover a whole range of action at once.   Lots of data pouring in to be assimilated. 

In the 4th dimension,  thoughts materialize quickly.  So it's important to be vigilant for what you want.  The key is to think on the bright side.  Thoughts are things.  There are no idle thoughts.  No private thoughts.  Maybe you've noticed lately that what you focus on in your thoughts suddenly comes to life in often an amusing way.     

In the past there were some funny experiences.  One week I blogged about our two stray cats bringing  pizza crust in gratitude for feeding them.  I jokingly called it manna when I found it under the patio table while sweeping. Then soon after,  I happened to meet a friendly woman at a local restaurant who passed by our table.  Turns out, her last name is Manna. 

Another experience encountered, I had blogged about animal "angel" friends. Later that day, an unusual encounter with a barking basset hound cut short our visit at the lake. Turns out the dog's name was Violet. She kept on barking as we sat on the dock. At the time, I was writing a children's story with the name Violet in the title. Emily a young woman who knew where Violet lived was another name in my fiction tale. The teen turned up sunbathing on the roof of our friend's dock at the lake that day.  Neither Violet nor Emily had shown up before on the private dock, although they lived in the neighborhood.  Perhaps, Violet was barking: Go home and finish the story!  

As these encounters unfold, it seems that we're living in a parallel universe.  We have moments of great clarity, but then we become lax and lapse back into the limiting 3-D malaise.   No doubt these are precious times to live from our true spiritual essence to make our world a better place.  But it takes concentration and effort to think for ourselves, and the limitless possibility and not be swayed by mass media's hypnotic suggestions.  That is the loving work of the angels when we are committed to serve.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

(fractal artwork: web)