Thursday, January 25, 2018

Help in Handling Old Fears: An Angel Message

Yesterday while washing the breakfast dishes, I happened to see an unusual, yet welcomed sight.  A little beige lizard had quietly made an appearance.  He scuttled across the counter top, behind the faucet, and paused on the stainless steel ledge, waiting. 

The miracle -- I wasn't afraid!

"Oh, are you ready to go out?" I calmly asked him.  I had been offering a  safe passage ever since he arrived in a potted plant escaping an upcoming freeze.  From time to time, he would appear in the den, but ran away when I tried to help him.

It may seem rather strange, but I got a sense he was giving me a chance.  He had come to me.  He was ready to go, tired of playing the waiting game.  I folded a paper towel and placed it near his tiny feet, but he wasn't willing.  He even patiently waited while I got my garden gloves from the laundry room. 

With everything I had, I wanted to reach down and gently pick him up.  But I couldn't...  I just couldn't...

Not wanting this little rascal to disappear inside a cabinet, I called to Elliot.  Within a few seconds, the lizard scurried inside a bag and was outside ready to bask in the sunshine on a warm rock. We thanked him for being a messenger. The lizard represents dreaming. The shadow side of so-called reality where  dreams are reviewed before you decide to manifest them in the physical realm.  Our fears, hopes, or whatever we are resisting, is that "shadow" that follows us wherever we go. 

I thought about the message of the lizard.  A sign to let go of old fears.  I've come a long way, but there is always room for more growth.  Progress is the key.  At least I no longer scream and run. A little more patience is needed with myself as I, too, let go of old fears.  The angels are here with strong counsel, Fear not.

Lizard Basking on Angel Wing Last Summer

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen