Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Crane Stance: An Angel Message

I brake for yard sales as most of you know.  A few weekends ago, while out on a country drive, an estate sale caught my eye.  Elliot patiently waited in the car while I ran inside to fish.  The owner had made her transition and her niece told me the house had sold in two days, everything had to go.  I didn't see anything of personal interest.  Until I walked into an empty room and saw this large painting of a crane standing on one leg. I loved it.  A $15 bargain, it now has a new pond over the bookcase in my little writing den.

Last week before all the Congressional turmoil, I woke up in the middle of the night.  Get up! I heard.
At 2:30 a.m.!? There did appear to be a disturbance in the ethers.

The urge was so strong that I popped out of bed.  

As I came into the den, I could feel my mother's loving presence.  I sat down on the love seat and looked at the family photos on the table beside me.  After meditation, a peacefulness settled over the room.  When I looked up, to my surprise, the crane painting was askew on the wall. A heavy piece, I wondered what could have rocked it? And why didn't I notice it when I first came into the den?

The message reminded me of a blue heron that had crossed my path many years ago.  He, too, stood on one leg, overlooking the lake from atop a covered bridge.  At that time, I took it as a sign to move while you still have a leg to stand on.  Before long, we did migrate to a different city.

Yesterday, again, more crane energy happened our way when this pair of sandhill cranes were hanging out by the lake.  Taking a pic, I could see one standing on one leg!  

A refresher on the symbolism of a crane revealed it represents concentration and initiation.  Seek for answers with your heart not with your head as you face a task to be solved.  Concentrate on "Who am I?"  Let go of everything you think you know in your head and follow the crane into your inner self that which is eternal, outside of time.  This is where the answer lies.  Crane is a bird that brings people into the hereafter, and as the stork, it brings them into life again.  It also represents creativity and longevity.  Another message I got from the crane, be patient, stay focused, a fish will appear soon.
Enjoy your day with the angels.  Watch for the helpful messages that wing their way to you from nature.  Collectively, humanity is going through a powerful birthing process, with the help of the heavenly realm.  A wonderful reminder that we are loving eternal beings far beyond time and space.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen