Thursday, March 7, 2024

Dabbling Ducks! An Angel Message

The angels were at again, adding a touch of humor to the morning.  Our favorite and only mallard couple were putting on a show.   Side by side, rear-ends up in the air. Heads down below the water.  Something was up as we watched their unusual antics -- tipping and dipping in and out of the lake.  A glimpse of Upside Down Life in motion--something we all are experiencing during these strange times.  

Their activity reinforced the cormorant message in the last angel blog.  A signal to go deeper if you would like to have a new birth. 

The comical sight of the two playful mallards was a heads-up. 

The message became clearer when I later learned they are called  Dabbling Ducks.  Rather than playing they're on a quest to reach as far under the water as they can for sustenance.  Dipping in and out of the water their bills are seeking for edible aquatic vegetation and insects. 

Dabbling Ducks, really?  On a personal level, I'm guilty of dabbling, dipping in and out of something, making little dips up and down, without any real determination to complete something that I know I should tackle.  Overwhelmed, I often just go through the motions. Dabbling.  

Today, hopefully I will begin to sink down below the surface, and work on finishing a project that interestingly enough involves my dear feathered friends.

Have a joyful day with your angels.  Remember you are never alone.  Expect the best, and go deep, and look for the good like you would a pearl of great price.

 Love and peace,


Rae Karen