Monday, March 11, 2024

Uncanny Leaps Forward: An Angel Message

 Sunday afternoon, I ran inside to grab the phone, when I returned to my green folding chair, my seat had been taken by an unusual visitor.  A large sandy brown grasshopper hugged the metal arm rest as if holding my place.

When our photo op was over, in one giant leap he made great strides in a single bound, and landed on a wild buttercup plant across the way.  Buttercup is a flower of faith and hope, and easily adapts to any environment.    

The timing of his animated behavior made me curious as to the angel message from nature.  Turns out, uncanny leaps forward is the keynote of the grasshopper. That is how it can escape.  With tremendous jumping ability they leap horizontally twenty times their body length.  When one appears it could mean it's important to get off your haunches and move.  Take a chance.  Leap forward.  Listen to your own inner voice to know when to make a move in any area of your life.

Remember a grasshopper always leaps up or forward, never backwards. 

Have a joyful day with your angels, and take a leap of faith when the time feels right.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen