Monday, March 4, 2024

When a Cardinal Appears...

On a gray Saturday afternoon, a sudden splash of colorful red feathers in the birdbath was no doubt an angel message.   

 The timing was in divine order.   I'd been praying hard, in the midst of an inner melt-down, trying to find peace in an annoying situation when my son called out to me.   

Come and see a cardinal...bathing in the birdbath.  

Immediately, my spirits lifted as if my prayer was answered.  A cardinal is my sign that my departed mother is near whenever one appears.  I ran to the window to see for myself.

 Whenever a bird or an animal crosses our path in a conspicuous way, it's good to pay attention.  Their behavior in the moment is part of the message or lesson.    

I grabbed my camera, and zoomed out through the living room window.  Not sure what I'd get, I asked the angels for help as I steadied the focus.  The red cardinal was putting on a show.  Heavy rains had splattered most of the water out of the bath.  He kept trying his best to squat down low and have a good soak in what water was available, which he enjoyed for a long time.     

I was in for another surprise.  Later the larger uploaded photos had captured more detail.  What a funny expression that little fellow had glaring up at me, with a look of annoyance. Was I disturbing his peace? I wondered.  Or, was his message, to choose again?  Focus on the best, and be thankful for all the good already present in each moment.

 Mom, known for her sense of humor, had done it again. My mood shifted, coming up higher.

In Animal-Speak:  "The cardinal's presence reflects a time to renew our vitality.  It reflects lessons in developing and accepting a new sense of our own true self-importance."

I was thankful for the cardinal visit.  Renewal of vitality...a time to immerse myself in a new way of developing my true value, and those around me as God truly created each of us to be.  

Have a joyful day with your angels.  Remember whatever you're going through, you are not alone-- no matter where you find yourself.  Right there in the midst, unseen heavenly help is waiting, ready to comfort, guide, and refresh. God loves you now and always.


Rae Karen