Thursday, March 21, 2024

Hitching a Ride: An Angel Message

Coming out of the bank, my attention was drawn to a strange sight on our car in the parking lot.  A tiny light green inchworm was suspended on a fine invisible thread that dangled from the rear wheel panel.  How had he survived? I wondered. Maybe he'd caught a ride down the street when we stopped for cracked corn at the feed store. 

This tiny little hitchhiker was creating in the wrong place with big plans to move in miles not inches down the road.  Concerned for his safety, I picked him up.  I could feel his wiggles tickle my cupped hand as I swiftly escorted him to safety in the shade of a palm tree by the bank parking lot.  Soon the wayward inchworm was back on track.  Grounded in familiar terrain, he soon got his bearings, and began to inch forward, bit by bit. 

His peculiar behavior was one of those angel messages from nature. Back at home, I learned more about the inchworm.  A symbol of patience, persistence, and adaptability.  A reminder that as we move through life's challenges, with grace and tenacity, to keep inching toward our goal no matter how challenging the circumstances may be.  

When an inchworm appears, it's a message to stay grounded and connected to our environment.  To slow down, and pay attention to the small details in our life.  Take in all the goodness and beauty available in every moment.  

Remember you are never alone.  What angel messages are coming to you today?  The more we attune to the angelic realm, the louder the volume, and we begin to live and move in a world of wonder as we slowly move about in the most ordinary ways.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

(inchworm picture -web)