Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Egg Hatched! Happy Easter!

Elegant gray birds with long legs and necks, Sandhill cranes are among the tallest birds in the world, and capable of flying at great heights.   For the last several months, only one crane would come by our yard at a time, and not the usual pair always seen together.  At first this was a  concern that something may have happened to the other mate, but an angel thought brought peace. An egg was in the works, and they each were taking a turn of duty warming the nest.  

On Saturday morning, what joy to see the egg had hatched in time for an Easter celebration. New life was roaming in the pasture.  A sweet picture of grace and patience rewarded.  The family of three was out and about enjoying a stroll for food in the sunshine.     

Wishing you a Happy Easter!  Hallelujah! A season of rebirth, joy, and resurrection.  A celebration of the eternal gift of Divine Love through the living Christ.

Love and joy,

Rae Karen