Monday, March 18, 2024

Happy Bird Day: An Angel Message

While visiting St. Augustine last week to celebrate Elliot's special birthday, the birds came out to make sure he had a very Happy Bird Day.  

A bald eagle perched on top of the 208-ft. Great Cross. A symbol of freedom and spiritual power when we take our consciousness to the next level. Focus on things spiritual, not material. 

A lone  hawk landed on a tree limb in the early morning sunshine.  Get ready for an opportunity coming your way. 

In the afternoon, a hungry lone pelican swooped down on the pier, tussling with two fishermen over a big silvery fish.   They shouted and shooed it away. That big beautiful pelican took to the blue sky, circling the inlet. I had a feeling he wasn't ready to quit just yet. He'd be back again. And, so it was fun to see him circle back toward the pier and land on the railing by the two men. This time the wise bird patiently waited with longing big eyes. I was going to buy a fish from them, but it wasn't necessary.  The men had a change of heart, and tossed a blue fish from their ice chest to the pelican who caught it in mid air and swallowed the whole fish in one hardy gulp.  His long neck stretched and shivered to force it down the hatch. Satisfied, he rested on the pier beside the two fishermen.   

 Pelicans symbolize renewed buoyancy. No matter how difficult life gets, or how deep down you plunge, you will pop to the surface, unsinkable.  A perfect message for the times we live in:  Rise above life's trials.   Water represents emotions, and often our emotions weigh us down.  The pelican teaches not to be overcome by them.

More birds were in the air.  Leaving the pier, a chorus of little cheerful song birds perched atop the dolphin gateway added joy to the day and looked like musical notes on a scale.  

And, a delicious lunch at an outdoor Mediterranean restaurant, our table was perfectly positioned by a tall  angel statue holding a little bird in her hands. All in all, it was the tweetest birthday for my favorite bird lover, a song bird himself.

By feeding the ducks first thing each morning the past six months, we wondered if that contributed to the trill of such a memorable Bird Day.  A wonderful reminder to watch where we put our focus because it will show up in our life.   Our thoughts are things...and what we feed grows, so look for the love and the harmony. 

Have a blessed day with your angels.  Remember GOD LOVES YOU.

Joy and peace,

Rae Karen