Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Out of the Mists: An Angel Message

It's not often we wake up to a thick misty morning when the ordinary takes on an aura of mystery. The day's sunny complexion is veiled from the light of a sun rise.  A touch of mystery stirs the air as the familiar becomes strangely unfamiliar in a fog.  

This morning our usual trip to feed the ducks cast a different, yet lovely, vision of peace as I stood by the lake and looked out at the still waters.  A time of beautiful reflection.   I watched a lone cormorant stretch out her wings in a waterlogged tree to welcome the birth of a new day.   

Cormorants are known to be expert divers and swimmers.  When one appears in our life, it's a clue to dive in to what we have been hesitating about. Like this deep diver, we will be able to dive and swim in areas of our life where we wouldn't think possible. A cormorant, an ancient bird that dates back to the Bible, signals it's time for us to dive in deeper if we wish to have a new birth.   If you are willing to go deeper, answers will be found.

It's interesting that this bird must swallow pebbles to make itself heavy enough to stay under water.  So when a cormorant appears, it means a new opportunity or teaching will come our way to help us accomplish what didn't seem possible. 

The angels help us to do the impossible when we follow their loving guidance, and step out in faith.  God speaks to us through nature.  I was thankful for the message.  While things are a little foggy just now,  clarity will come if we keep the faith, and do our best to follow through on what we know we need to do. Love will always make a way, but we must be willing to venture out into the deep and cast our nets.  

The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,

 Rae Karen