Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Angel of Faith

It's most comforting when angels spontaneously deliver messages of hope and faith just when most needed and in a way that reveals more is happening than meets our understanding in the moment.  I believe that Faith is what is needed most enduring this dark hour in human history when we discover that we are Light.

Last Friday a sweet elderly angel friend stopped by unexpectedly with a surprise present.  Her timing was in divine order for reasons I won't go into, but I knew something was up when I opened the gift box and held the Angel of Faith praying.  She was an answer to my prayer.

The quote on the bottom of the Angel of Faith, Guardian of Prayer read:

"It is better in prayer to have a heart
without words than words without heart."

Her visit touched my heart and gave me more courage.

But more was to come...

The next morning, the angels were at it again.

I noticed Hei-Hei, our cat, chewing on a plastic wrapper in a basket on the wicker trunk beside his perch.  That's when I found this prayer card. I don't remember where it came from, but the word FAITHFULNESS jumped out at me as this is not the version of Psalm 91 I know by heart.  The message was in divine order.  FAITHFULNESS and the ANGEL of FAITH were perfect companions reinforcing the need to have FAITH no matter what.


Then, this morning, more Faith appeared while taking photos to share with you.  Without much thought, I moved the Angel of Faith from the cabinet and placed her by the seashell lamp. That's when I noticed the smooth black FAITH rock beside her.  I had to shake my head in a moment of light humor planned by the angels. 
Three Faiths! It's no doubt that my hardheadedness makes the angels work overtime to drill the message into my consciousness.  
Now faith is the substance of things
 hoped for, the evidence of 
things not seen.  
                     --Hebrews 11:1  
I'm so thankful to our loving angels, and their encouraging message to CHOSE FAITH over fear.  Believing is seeing.   Don't lose your faith in the indwelling Christ. The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen